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Here, at Intalion we look differently at middleware. These technologies are not simply softwares for us, which are linked together by applications. Today’s middleware solutions play a more significant pole in the corporates’ life: drive forward business innovations, enable to evolve cloud based services, support safe and reliable mobilization and cooperative virtual work; and finally to lower the TCO (total cost of ownership).

We offer very thorough IBM and Oracle expertize, that enables our customers to rethink their corporate architecture from the basics, especially in respect of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), BPM (Business Process Management) content management and digital customer experience. We are in the forefront of using middleware technologies for business purposes, whether the aim is to modernize existing services, accelerate cloud-based projects, or restructure business processes to meet the needs of increasingly mobile end-users.

With a decade of business experience and highly specialized technological knowledge our engineer team is able to support, map and optimize the middleware installments regardless of the industry. Our self-developed framework’s industry-specific models and modules significantly accelerate these projects, while we are building long-lasting and maintainable systems. Our developer team creates middleware embedded custom applications that deliver a rich digital and mobile customer experience while meeting the security standards of large corporations and legal regulators.


Intalion has certified SOA and BPM developers and architects to help clients in creating and operating solutions that provide a more agile and more flexible organization for a more competitive customer experience. During our work, while technical designing, we always keep the final business demand in mind among the middleware solutions: delivering more integrated, faster, more robust, safer, more comfortable, more attractive, more competitive services for both internal and external customers.


Although, the needs of customers have changed, they would like to use the services less and less stationary, which does not mean they are satisfied with less. Indeed, parallel with greater mobility, on the contrary, there is a need for more integrated and more complex services on the markets.

This means, that in the development of custom mobile and desktop application UX design integration capability has an increasing role. Our development team is capable of producing user experience compliant to the standards of the present, not only in respect of visual experience, but of integrity and reliability of the service as well. In architecture design, we handle loadability, as well as personal and corporate data security as top priorities.


Intalion Systemintergator Ltd. offers a complex system management service package for its customers, which makes IT infrastructure and serving business applications more efficient and simple and the level of corporate IT services can be further improved. In addition to day-to-day operational tasks, we are at the service of our partners with counselling, service development consultation and training of IT specialists.

With our company’s system and application management solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of professional IT operations, reduce your operating costs and ensure error-free, continuous operation of business-critical applications of your company.

IT infrastructure, operation, support
Comprehensive system management services: enable you to enjoy the benefits of professional IT operation.

Application management
Life cycle management of business applications: troubleshooting, monitoring, surveying, quality assurance.

Extensive classroom or outsourced educational services: manufacturer and custom developed, customer-oriented courses and workshops adjusted to individual needs.

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