Our mission is to construct flexible and long-lasting corporate architectures, which enable our customers to respond agile to market challenges.


The Intalion System Integration Ltd. is an information technology enterprise specialized in middleware technologies. Its service portfolio covers consulting, development, implementation and operation. The company was founded in 2011 by experienced IT managers, industry experts, certified consultants and product evangelists. With its sixty employees, Intalion is currently the largest independent middleware consultant in the country. Its customers are mainly from the financial and insurance, and the telecommunications sector.


József Lenti
József Lenti
Projekt Portfolio Director
István Riba
István Riba
Technical Director
Viktor Géczy
Viktor Géczy
Business Development Director
Tamás Kós
Tamás Kós
Support Division Director


After careful inspection of the most important factors influencing competitiveness of todays and tomorrows corporations, we will see that almost all sectors are transforming into a technology industry. Digital transformation is nothing else, then the marriage of business and IT, from which financial, chemical, construction, agricultural, etc., companies are born, whose competitiveness is inseparably linked to digital technologies.

In this new era, the business functions of a company (such as marketing, sales, HR, production, etc.) are all IT functions at the same time, since all their processes are digitalized and their professionals are able to operate the systems used. Indeed, the digital experience is increasingly represented in the customer value produced by the company itself.

As a result, the rapid development and integration of new services has become one of the most important key capabilities of the companies, which basically influences the innovation capacity of organizations.

If we are looking for the vision of IT as a central corporate function, we can undoubtedly find it in the integration of services and coordination of the constant changes of corporate architecture. The transforming IT departments will need middleware solutions, which enable them to act as a business partner and consultant, not as an obstacle in the company's innovation efforts.

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Our mission is to spread a clean and futureproof technology framework we built on our decade-long middleware and SOA experience helping companies in their digital transformation and providing amazing customer experience.
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